Benefiting Hospitals


AllegiantMD eliminates the many imaging related headaches you may be facing. These include obtaining specialty interpretations, rising teleradiology expenses, physician billing and clinical scheduling. We take ownership in the radiology process, giving you the time to focus on other institutional needs. 

The Vision and Leadership your Radiology Department Needs:

The evolving radiology market has left many imaging departments unattended or under attended. Many hospitals are dealing with “revolving door syndrome” as a result of utilizing locum tenens. This revolving door creates an unnecessary vacuum in your imaging department and ultimately decreases patient and medical staff satisfaction.

The AllegiantMD Solution can help you take back control of your imaging department. Our sub-specialty trained radiologists will increase efficiencies and maximize the use of the radiology equipment and technology in which you have invested millions of dollars. With AllegiantMD at your side, your imaging department interpretations will be of the highest quality.


Quality interpretations and expedient turn-around times enhance medical staff satisfaction. AllegiantMD has a proven track record of leveraging new technology and optimizing the quality of physician services. We are experts in our field and as your partner we are confident that we will proactively address your current needs and anticipate your needs of the future.
As your trusted partner, AllegiantMD is committed to delivering timely results, and accurate diagnoses. Our radiologists will communicate the results of interpretations with your medical staff thereby ensuring the best patient care. 

"AllegiantMD; Your Trusted and Loyal Partner in Imaging"